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Welcome to TANKMAN® - Your Premier Rainwater Management Specialists on Waiheke Island

At TANKMAN®, we are dedicated to ensuring your rainwater is clean, clear, and safe for every use. Specializing in rainwater management, including water tank cleaning, filtration, rainwater system maintenance, and water pump services across Waiheke Island, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

  • When was your tank last cleaned?

  • Is your tank water discolored?

  • Does your tank water smell, or taste off?

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Water Tank Cleaning: No tank draining required*!

  • Advanced Filtration Systems: Installation, servicing, and repairs.

  • Rainwater System Maintenance: Keep your system running efficiently.

  • Water Pump Services: Ensure quiet operation, good pressure, and constant flow.

  • Impotable Water Treatment: Ensuring water quality compliance.

  • UV + Filtration Servicing: Enhance water purity with expert maintenance.

Why Choose TANKMAN®?

  • Expertise: Trusted specialists in Waiheke Island's unique rainwater management needs.

  • Convenience: Onsite water checks with detailed, personalized reports.

  • Reliability: Commitment to superior service and customer satisfaction.

Contact Us Today

Book your onsite water check today and receive a detailed residential/commercial rainwater system report. Discover how TANKMAN® can optimize your water quality and system performance.

Talk today to Waiheke Island's Leading Rainwater Management Experts.

Bailey Tanks Tank

Bailey Water Tanks are crafted from tough, food-grade polyethylene plastic, setting a benchmark with their adherence to the New Zealand standard AS/NZS4766 for upright polyethylene tanks. Built to last, these tanks are resistant to cracking, fading, and rusting, thanks to their robust one-piece construction. Furthermore, it makes them exceptionally strong and easy to clean. We organise barge transport and delivery to your Waiheke Island location. We have expedited delivery options available with our stocked inventory. We are dedicated to meeting your water storage needs with efficiency and reliability.

Grundfos Pump

Explore the Full Range of Grundfos Pumps. Discover reliability and impeccable performance with our comprehensive selection of Grundfos pumps. Whether you require a pump below the tank, above the tank, or for a large house, we offer a variety of models to suit your specific needs. We'll help guide you through the options to find the best pump for you. Pump testing and call out services are available, please call 09 372 7270 anytime, if your water is not working.  *Call out fee applies.

Greenway Filter Unit

Protect your household water from contaminants, including bird dropping bacteria, with our advanced filter and UV sterilization solutions. Filters and UV sterilizers play a crucial role in maintaining water quality. They require regular cleaning and maintenance to function effectively. This includes water filters and UV lamp replacements - We offer a scheduled filter and UV replacement service tailored to your system's needs. Our experts visit your property to maintain and replace water filters and UV lamps, as required. To ensure your water system remains in top condition, join our list of serviced properties today. Contact us at 09 372 7270 to schedule your filter and UV maintenance service.

We are a long time Waiheke business servicing & supplying Tanks, Pumps, and associated rainwater collection and storage services and products - a cunning mix of selected and stocked products, combined with fixed price water system maintenance and installation services to make your life easy. Is your water safe to drink and flowing properly? Call us today.

All aspects of water management are provided - from sheet metal flashings and downpipes for your roof, tanks for storage and water distribution, pumps to supply your home, and UV and filters to purify.

Light engineering is available for custom fittings & flashing manufacturing. We have the capacity for metal press and welding, and stock a range of materials including Ali, Zincalume, galvanised and copper. 


Tankman and Tank and Pump Shop

Duncan came round to investigate why my pump wasn't working on a public holiday, found the issue, fixed it, replaced some old fittings, and all the while - at my request - explained exactly what he was doing and why so I could learn how it all works. And all for a very reasonable fee! 5 stars Thanks so much!

Alana Robinson   |  Waiheke Community Resident

We make rainwater safe to drink

Waiheke Island's rainwater system experts


"Thank you very much for excellent customer service and brilliant advice."



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I'm so happy you came around."



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