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  • Bacteria Water Test Kit - E.coli

Bacteria Water Test Kit - E.coli


E-Coli Bacteria and other potentially dangerous microbes are commonly found in our environment, but they should not be present in our drinking water. Thousands of cases of bacterial illness occur every year, many of them fatal. Many strains of bacteria are not toxic, but some can cause very serious illness. Even mild cases can result in diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, and other gastrointestinal symptoms.


Young children and those with weaker immunity are more likely to be affected. Since contaminated water may not taste or smell “bad”, most cases of water-borne disease are not likely to be identified as such. The presence of bacteria in drinking water indicates that treatment methods are not working properly and are not adequate to remove all viable microbes. When treatment fails, drinking water may become potentially toxic.


Test kit contains: Two Coliform Tests (Single Tablet in Tube), One Water Sampling Bag and Dechlorination Tablet, and a UV Light Source, 365 nm for E-Coli Detection.


Fast, Accurate, and Affordable. Straightforward instructions guide you through this simple test. Save money by pre-screening water prior to lab testing. Results in 48 hours at room temperature.



Price includes GST.

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