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  • DIRTY WATER | Tankman

    ----------------------------------- Big Pohutukawa Season Ruins Waiheke Tank Water ----------------------------------- Brown, dirty tank water is often caused by tannins which are the result of water sitting in decaying vegetation and leaves. This is common in roof collected rainwater when big trees are nearby or in flower. Tannins will give your water a bitter taste and have an unpleasant odour, while the tea-coloured water will often leave stains on items like spas, sinks, and toilet bowls. Not something you would want, nor a guest to experience! ​ Depending on the state of your tank water you may need option 1, option 2 or both! ​ OPTION 1: Book a Tank Clean & Drain with a 10,000 litre fill $890 ​ OPTION 2: Book installation of Tannin Filter Cartridge $890 (after you existing sediment house filter Book Now Puretec Tannin Removal Cartridge View Cartridge Recharge Instructions Autumn Special We are selling the tannin filter with its LARGE (Half Metre) cartridge housing for $695 plus $195 for a "standard" Waiheke central installation. The Purtec TR20MP2 cartridge removes tannin through the use of selective ion exchange resin. The TR Series cartridge is specifically designed to reduce tannin/organics only, so it is best used in conjunction with a two or three stage filtration system. The unit is installed in the water line after your filters. It is recommended to have sediment pre-filtration to avoid premature blocking of the TR Series cartridge, and carbon post-filtration to further reduce taste & odour. The TR Series cartridge will be regenerated prior to use using salts, and whenever the colour in the water starts to return and is suited to lower tannin issues in rainwater. Book Now Or Call 093727270 or Marco direct on 0273763041 Email Showroom Now Open Saturdays 9am-2pm at 116 Ostend Rd Or Call 093727270 or Marco direct on 0273763041 Email Showroom Now Open Saturdays 9am-2pm at 116 Ostend Rd

  • Contact Tankman + Tank and Pump Shop on Waiheke Island

    Get in Touch First Name Last Name Email Phone Message Send Message Thanks for your message! Come on down and browse in the shop - 116 Ostend Rd. ​ Give us a call on 09 372 4442 . ​ Or if it's after hours call us at 027 3763041 . An after-hours call fee of $195.00 will apply if a site visit is requested. ​ or email us at ​ Shop Hours - Monday to Friday - 8am to 4.30pm, Saturday 9am-2pm Book a Visit Now Contact us

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