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Grundfos Water Pumps

The easiest way to choose the correct pump is to talk to us about your needs and we'll help you determine the correct pump for your situation.

  1. Your water source & location i.e. tank

    • Above pump level

    • Below pump level

  2. Your application​

    • Distance & vertical rise/drop between your pump, water source, and use locations​

    • How many taps are likely to be in use at one time

  3. Your preferences and unique situations​

    • Pump control options, protections​, and connectivity

    • Monetary considerations / Quality requirements

    • Noise & neighbour considerations​​

    • Installation considerations


Download Grundfos Water Pump Product Brochure 13.2Mb

Considerations we'll take into account

How do I choose the right pump?

As a Grundfos Authorised Dealer, Tankman provides a wide range of Grundfos pump solutions.  Grundfos pump's demonstrate exceptional reliability and performance. There are many models to choose from - we've listed the most common models listed below, but have access to the full range of Grundfos pumps, if your particular situation needs special consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise do the Grundfos pumps make?

The quietest pumps above-water pumps are the SCALA pumps at a maximum of 47dB. The CMB-SP range is the slightly louder at 55 dB max. And the Jet Pumps are the cheapest, but also the loudest at 70dB (about the sound of an average vacuum cleaner). 

Even quieter (maximum sound of a person whispering - 25 dB) are the submersible pumps.

Please call 09 372 7270 any time if your water isn't working. Please note that there are call out fees for pump testing and call out services.

My water isn't working! What do I do?

We've only included the most popular pumps in the list above. We have access to the rest of the Grundfos range, and have more models in stock that are shown on the website. 

What if I want a pump that isn't listed above?

Grundfos Water Pumps

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