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  • Raincatcher - Pre Tank Filter

Raincatcher - Pre Tank Filter


The Raincatcher system is proven to remove dirt, grit, leaves and debris before it enters your water tank. It is easy to clean and service. These nasties would otherwise be going into your tank. 


RainCatcher – RC-A

  • Designed to work up to 200 m2 roof area
  • Double filter to 100 microns
  • Check regularly


This pretank filter is used to reduce the amount of leaf and other plant material entering the water tank.

Installation requires running the spouting down pipe(s) to the access hole, then cutting the entry hole(s) to the water tank. The 15mm white PVC adaptor plate provides a durable easy interface between the plastic or concrete access hole.

Roof water first enters the filter basket and passes through its 500 micron plastic mesh. This traps larger organic material that can include material from birds and rodents. The water then passes through the 100 micron filter bag, which traps a surprising amount of very fine black silt.

Cleaning the prefilter system involves emptying the debris, removing the bag, inverting the bag, then hosing off the silt. It is recommended to inspect and clean the filters every 3 months. An
overfull basket will become too heavy to lift out of the tank and contribute to water overflowing the basket instead of getting into the tank.

Pollen presents a particular problem for traditional water filter cartridges. The pollen enters the pores of the paper cartridge and can find its way through a full cartridge set, possibly due to
the pump pressure in pumped systems. When this happens, pollen sits in the top of the water inside the tank, and with high summer temperatures can contribute to a foul odor. Our black fiber filter bag does a good job of trapping much of this pollen.


Flow Rate Maintenance

  • Periodically machine wash the filter bag with normal laundry detergent


Kit includes:

  • Basket (500 micron mesh)
  • Lid (requires hole cut for the inlet from the down pipe)
  • Bag (100 micron)
  • Square White PVC Adaptor Plate (600 x 15 mm)



Price includes installation and GST.

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